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The biggest misconception associated with the 10 point must system, particularly amongst Mixed Martial Arts fans, is that you cannot have a 10:10 round. 10:10 rounds are infrequent within MMA but are allowed within the rules.

Reasons for this misconception stem largely from the phrasing of the brief rules description at the start of UFC broadcasts "The round winner gets 10 points, with his opponent receiving 9 or less".

At no point does this description state that there must be a round winner, however this is often assumed by the viewer as there is no mention of 10:10 as an option.

Additionally, 10:10 rounds rarely dictate the outcome of a bout even when they do occur, as they are usually awarded by one judge at a time. One notable exception where a 10:10 round did dictate the fight result is the 2003 bout between Ian Freeman and Vernon White. The fight was scored 30-27, 28-29, 29-29 with the final scorecard including a 10:10 round.

dr. Jupidu wrote: diskusting