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VIDEO! Fan napisao i otpjevao pjesmu o Conoru McGregoru, skupio 2 milijuna pregleda u danu

VIDEO! Fan napisao i otpjevao pjesmu o Conoru McGregoru, skupio 2 milijuna pregleda u danu

Ako se Conor McGregor dvoumi oko muzike koja će ga pratiti na putu do ringa za meč s Floydom Mayweatherom (26. kolovoza), možda bi mogao razmisliti o pjesmici koju je skladao Mick Konstantin.

Ući će vam u uho i nećete je tako lako moći izbaciti iz glave. Kliknite play u nastavku.

A kid from Dublin with more than a dream
He knew one day he'd be the king of the UFC
With a group of fighting Irish not to be pushed over
Not here to take part they were here to take over
From the start John Kavanagh by his side
Whoever thought they'd be known worldwide
After 60g's baby and a contract to sign
Leaving his old life and the social welfare behind
After 2 years came the featherweight champion of the world
Conor said he'd make him look like a little girl
It only took ten seconds to show his talk wasn't cheap
As he connected with the left, and put ALDO TO SLEEP!
There's only one Conor McGregor, and there's no fighter better
And he's going to knock out Floyd Mayweather
So Floyd watch out cos the Irish are coming
You can talk all you want, buy you'll do nothin!
The lightweight belt was next in store
To do what no other fighter had ever done before
Became the first same time double champ in history
And took the chance to apologize to absolutely nobody
Came from working on a building site
To getting million dollar pay cheques from Dana White
And now his money, his cars and his clothes he flaunts
Cos the double champ does what the f**k he wants
Mayweather, your old and your small
And the truth is that you'll do feck all
Cos precision beats power and timing beats speed
"Why have you got a school bag Floyd you can't even read"
Well he dresses to kill, buys lamborghinis at will
Can get inside your head like he was Dr. Phil
And if you call him out, have a good reason why
Or he'll turn around and say who the f**k is that guy
And on the 26th of August we're taking over Vegas
The Irish invasion you can't mistake us
Singing songs day and night til our voices are sore
Cos when one of us goes, we all go to war!!


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